Saving the planet, One Drink at a Time: Prologue

To quote a famous 90’s superhero, “The Power is Yours!”

Summer is almost over and we are currently trying to find our way back into a rhythm. During our global hiatus many people noticed something quite extraordinary; nature was rebounding. Grass was greener, ocean’s were more blue, wildlife was reclaiming their old routes in which quiet streets inhabit. It has made a lot of people think, if this is possible with a global pause, what could be achieved if collectively we all work towards improving the impact we have on the environment.

Which brings be to the topic at hand; Sustainability.  In this three part series I will share what I have made with something we all have at home. Cucumbers. It’s ambitious to say this will save the planet, but momentum begins with one person.

The Naturalist, Sir David Attenborough

Not all the ingredient’s I will be using are easily available online, but I will link you to where you can get them. The last piece required is an open mind. Often I have been met with people saying “what’s the point”, well change requires imagination. Since cocktails are a creative expression, then it makes sense to give yourself the challenge to find new ways to reduce waste and still create a memorable cocktail.

Let’s get to work.


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