Mole Bitters?

You’ve undoubtedly seen various kinds of Mole Bitters. A spiced bitter chocolate nuanced cocktail supplement made to evoke a sense of warmth and uniqueness. If you happen to be unfamiliar with Mole it’s a Mexican staple that combines chilies with chocolate, herbs and other seasonings. 

So why am I talking to you about something that’s quite readily available and simple? Because I don’t believe it to be so simple, or authentic or what I want to call “true” Mole Bitters. I’m not one to say such wild and bold claims but I always taste spicy coconib bitters, not Mole. So I’m off on a tangent I know, but hopefully also a little research and development voyage. 

I get mildly obsessive about things if you’ve not noticed, so my next project is authentic Mole Bitters, and though at the moment it’s difficult for me to define exactly what I mean by that I have a few ideas of where I want to begin. I hope to return soon with a viable recipe, a structure and some drinks for you to try out and hopefully like. 

Until then, cheers!

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