Something Shaken

Ramos Gin Fizz.

We have all heard of the drink, we have all read the tale of it being a twelve minute drink usually taking an army of willing bar patrons taking turns shaking until exhaustion. As amazing as these tales are I think maybe it wouldn’t be as hospitable in today’s cocktail bar. Especially when working with volume. So what is someone to do?

Well, after lots of practice and some trial and error and of course watching my fellow bartenders make the infamous drink, I have come up with novel approach. A three step process:

Step One: Make a basic sour.

Start with your preferred spirit, if you want to keep it classic this will be 2 oz. of Dry Gin, add your sweetener (3/4 oz. Simple Syrup- one part sugar to one part water), 1/2 tsp of rose water or orange flower water (or both!), then add your citrus (1/2 oz Fresh Lemon Juice, 1/2 oz. Lime Juice). Add ice, shake until cold, about 10 seconds.

Step Two. Fat.

This is where you would add in your heavy cream but, other fats work as well. Give it a try, try other “Fats” such as Coconut Cream, Olive Oil, etc.

What we do in this second step is add 1 oz. of Cream or fat of your choice, directly into the shaker. Seal the shaker and shake again for another 10 seconds.

Third Step: Break some Eggs

Before we add the egg, you should strain the the ingredients in the shaker from the ice. Using a hawthone strainer remove all the ice and discard. It’s okay to get ice shards in this step, we will fine strain later. Eggs. We need egg whites. Crack a fresh egg, separate the whites and add it into the ice free mixture in the tin. Seal and shake. Technically you are preforming a reverse shake here.

The Finish:

Pull out a tall collins glass. Add about an ounce into the bottom, fine strain your drink slowly into the tall glass. you’ll notice that a froth is forming. Once you get to the rim stop pouring. Let the drink sit for a moment. Finish pouring in the soda water a little at a time and you should have developed a souffle’d top!

Ramos Gin Fizz. One of the best drinks and somewhat of a pain to make but, once you master it, I promise it will become one of your favorites!

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