We are craftsmen.

Last night the Cocktail world lost a great pioneer, Sasha Petraske. Although I don’t have a personal experience with Sasha Petraske, I did have the fortune to stumble into Milk and Honey on 23rd a few years back. I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of this bar. There will always be a strive to move forward thanks to the efforts of Sasha and other founders of the new attitude in the bartending profession. Rest in Peace and thank you.

We are craftsmen, We are not artists, not “Mixologists”, nor Bar Chefs. Just bartenders, doing something that, although quite simple, few bars can manage to do. We make cocktails as well as can be made, and that should not be such a big deal. At Milk and Honey our standard is offhand excellence. you must take each shift as another opportunity to improve your craft, another opportunity to lose your self-consciousness even though you are preforming your tasks in front of an audience. It may be impossible to have a perfect shift, but each night we try anyway.

-Sasha Petraske

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